May 5, 2011

Blinky Balls, Bumpy Balls, Chirpy Balls and Mangled Mouse

Okay, I've had it. I am not buying any more "cat toys." My house is overrun with blinky balls, bumpy balls, chirpy balls and one extremely mangled mouse...oodles of catnip toys galore. And yet what entertains my brats? A box. A pen cap. A piece of dog kibble. The small bungee cord I use to keep the French doors to my office closed when I’m desperate to work and need to keep them out.

Last night I watched Opie romp on the stairs, flipping something all the way up, then all the way down with much enthusiasm. Peaches joined in. Together whatever they had was the kitty be-all and end-all of cat toys. I had to see what it was: a pompom foot off of Mangled Mouse.

I used to do the eccentric thing at Christmas...crazy cat lady fills stockings for her kitties. Everyone had their own and Santy Claws would stuff em with kibble treats and absurdly-priced toys designed for cat people to buy because they were adorable and yet highly impractical in that the beaded eyes and yarn tail made toxic choking hazards. My cousin has taken up the slack I've dropped at Christmas by giving my cats catnip puff balls and Party my gang from Aunt Sandy and their kitty cousins. Actually the catnip puff balls are a huge success. They're fun to smack around, easy to carry in one's mouth and smell great. They also destroy quite easily which makes for designer-looking hairballs when they come back up.

Watching Opie and Peaches turn inside out with pleasure over a stupid pompom has solidified my resolve not to buy any more cat toys. When Christmas 2011 arrives, I'll just upend the junk drawer into their stockings. I'm 100% positive my brats will be thrilled.

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  1. I've learned from Binky that cats are lot like kids. Give them a present and, what do they do? Play with the box.