December 16, 2011

Update on Cammie

You met Cammie on November 29th when her Mom, Janeson Keeley, wrote about her special needs. Today I got an update from Janeson regarding Cammie:

Cammie basks in the light of Janeson's major award.
I took Cammie to the vet today.

The good news: Cammie’s heart and lungs sound good and she is showing no signs on infection. She is still loving and sweet and purry, except when the vet rinses out her mouth, at which point she turns into the Tasmanian Devil.

The bad news: The mass on Cammie’s cheek is now growing around her jaw and into her mouth. She has lost some more weight (although not as much as I had feared), and she is hiding more often. (I found her in the very back of the bedroom closet behind practically everything in there when I went to look for her to take her to the vet.)

Dr. Jonen, who is just about the sweetest person you could ever meet, told me how to tell when it’s time to help Cammie over the rainbow bridge. At the rate the mass is growing, she estimates two weeks.
Hoping to have my Cammie-Cat for Christmas, but even more hoping that she won’t suffer.

Love to all on #cammiesporch. I don’t know what I would do without you!


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