February 24, 2012

Free At Last!

L/R Cookie, Peaches, Opie, Jack, Herman
This morning I got professional permission to stop feeding my cats canned food.

I used to feed my cats kibble with an occasional portion of Unique canned as a treat. Remember Unique? It had nasty fish heads, eyes, bones...I had to break it up before feeding the cats. They loved it of course. I can still hear their lips smacking.

Somewhere along the line I was convinced they had to be on canned food. Exclusively! I was feeding 8+ cats at the time so there was no way financially I could afford that. So I used both wet and dry, and suffered guilt for being a bad mom. I've been adjusting their diets for years, literally chasing my tail in circles because -- according to whatever article or person I'd just spoken to -- what I was feeding was never high-quality enough. And the highest quality I could afford was rejected by my cats with either pawing around the bowl as though they were burying something nasty in their litter box, or vomit strategically placed in order to get my full attention.

Then came the Fancy Feast years. OMG! They loved it! And once they got hooked (like crack its an immediate addiction) I could not get them off. Of course they all had their own purrrsonal preferences. No one care for the Roasted, and the Chunky with Gravy had them licking up the gravy and leaving the chunky for me to mix into the outdoor cat's food. Herman has chronic UTI's so he can't have fish. Barney has umpteen food allergies so I can't feed him fish either (or pork, peas, carrots...endless list). So we all agreed on Classic Chicken. Sometimes Classic Beef. Outside gal, Chauncie, enjoyed Chicken & Liver.

But of course that could all change mid-week, and I'd be left with an expensive assortment of Kitty Crack that would be rejected forevermore. My outdoor cats and the raccoons I nurture enjoyed the rejections however...I can still hear their lips smacking.

I even tried making homemade dinners. Herman loved raw beef and preferred his chicken sauteed with a little Swanson's broth. It was pretty much hit and miss with the others, however. Buddy wants his steak grilled with a nice seasoning. Rib-eye is his choice cut. My husband spoils him enough to bring home take-out.

I was in the process of pulling the Fancy Feast/Kitty Crack...Cold Turkey...and pleading with them to please like Iams...when Herman had his physical at Elmore Road Veterinary Clinic. The topic of his UTI's came up, and Chelsea recommended a special Purina kibble. She assured he'd enjoy it as it wasn't like the Hill's brands that Herman had rejected. And then to my utter shock/delight...she told me all my cats would be better off on kibble only. With canned as an occasional treat.


Wasn't I doing that like, 30 years ago?

I spoke with Dr. Ellis today and she agreed with Chelsea, Herman should have the Purina UR kibble, and the rest of the cats should have kibble. Wellness is an excellent choice. And I can mix it in with what they eat now, Purina One SmartBlend with chicken.

What's more, Herman is eating the UR kibble. He rejected the Hill's CD with enthusiasm, but when I assured him the UR was TREATS, he ate them up...smacking his lips.

for now

Herman enjoying his "treats"


  1. Well this is good news. I will be able to use this new info in my house hold.
    Fanks much

  2. I sure wish the veterinary world would get their act together. Our vet, when we adopted Mario, suggested all canned because of kidney problems. Well, Mario still likes his kibble, so now he gets half kibble and half wet canned in whatever flavor he wants. It sure does get confusing. All we animal lovers just want to do what is best for our furbabies, but it's very difficult to know what is best!!