March 20, 2012

Pet Home Medical Chart

Years ago, in 1994, I had a clowder of cats, all in varying stages of some medical malady or another. Vaccination renewals, eye problems, nasal polyps, mysterious barfing issues, chronic name it, they had it. Trying to juggle cat issues, my day job and writing career, I finally broke down and created a home medical chart for my pets. I thought nothing of it, other than it kept me relatively organized, especially when another cat showed similar problems and I could look back on a chart and see what type of medication or treatment was used. However when I brought my binder (yes...I had enough cats to need a binder) to a vet in Pensacola, they were highly impressed and asked me for a copy of the chart to pass on to their clients. Wow!

So, I thought why not pass this idea on to those of you who also have umpteen hundred thousand pets... Okay, I exaggerate. I've had a bad morning with mysterious barfing issues, chronic crankiness...and my cats are acting up too. I posted the photo extra large so you can actually read the thing!


  1. Chronic crankiness? That's what my sister Tess has!

  2. I also just started a notebook on my clan. I have a tab for each one and copies of their test results and last bill.

  3. That's pretty cool!