August 16, 2012

3 Reasons Not to Eat Kroger Ground Turkey

In a futile quest to BUDGET (a six-lettered 4-letter word for me) I opted to buy Kroger ground turkey over my usual Butterball ground turkey. I should have listened to my eyes. It looked weird in the package. But I bought it anyway because it was cheaper by about fifty cents.

After spooning it into the fry pan I noticed something. It was glossy. Like it had been shellacked. As I broke it squeaked! I was using a wooden spoon, but still it squeaked. And continued to squeak while it cooked. Also, it did not brown. Not even after it had cooked for 15 minutes with onion, spices and chili tomatoes. Still white as the driven snow.

I tasted it. Definitely turkey. It had a turkey-esque flavor, rather dry and bland despite the seasonings. I offered Peaches a piece. She will eat anything. But she did not eat the turkey.

I fed it to Ray. Ray will eat anything. After a few spoonfuls he opted out.

Ray: Give it to the raccoons.
Kim: No. They'll get sick.
Ray: They eat anything, including garbage.
Kim: So do you, but you won't eat this.
Ray: Point taken. Toss it.

So, the moral of the story is...if your ground turkey is:

  1. Glossy
  2. Squeaky
  3. Won't brown
Toss it!
Lesson Learned.

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