August 15, 2012

Awthentik Anteeks

Last weekend Ray and I veered off the beaten path in Hernando, MS to check out a junk yard masquerading as an "antique store." Unless you are the American Pickers guys--or Ray--I can't see getting all that excited about the contents. However, I did enjoy my search for items marked $65. The good ol' boys who squatted at the back of the store in their worn overalls, chewing tobacco cud, seemed like they may have sat in those chairs since the time when their inventory was brand new. Sixty-Five Dollars seemed like their favorite number, scrawled in pencil on nearly half of the "antiques." Click "Read More" to view Awthentik Anteeks.


Priceless...literally no price

Ray giving intent consideration to a rusty drill bit.





Cletus & Cooter enjoy Stoker's Chaw from the 1940's & staring at women's chests

No need to worry about fire hazard


General Forrest $125 and up


Open for business


Awthentic Anteek

$175 average. Okay, I know from American Pickers the decoys are expensive.

$100 Wooden shoes from Holland...Michigan

Marilyn Monroe. I'm shocked Cooter & Cletus don't have her in the back with them.

$100. If the handle wasn't broken it would be $200.


2 for $75

As a reward for inhaling grime and god-knows-what all, Ray then treated me to lunch at Memphis Street Cafe where we split a plate of European Cabbage Rolls and had the best Bananas Foster in the world for dessert.
What made it "European" was the fact that this is rural Mississippi and to call it Russian or Polish might incite a riot about Damn Yankees forcing their fancy foreign food on the locals. The Bananas Foster was inhaled, and therefore not photographed.

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