March 13, 2013

Dori Meets Opie

The last kitten we had in our home was Opie, five years ago! I've gone through a lot in those five years and I'm no longer loosey-goosey when it comes to letting a 4.5 pound kitten roam free about my home. So many dangers she can get into, like hiding inside the La-Z-Boy sofa, or shut inside a closet or cupboard, or escape into the garage...or maybe get her ears boxed by Peaches who is our Alpha Cat. Since I didn't ask Peaches for purrrmission to adopt Dori, I'm a little nervous about their eventual face to face meeting.

So far Dori has met Herman in my office. He isn't thrilled, but then...Herm isn't thrilled about much unless it's all about him.

MY CHAIR -- go away!
Today Dori and Opie spent a little time together in my office. She was thrilled to find the great homemade knit catnip toys made by honorary auntie Jennifer Niemi (mom to @Nerissathecat, Herman's bestie).
D: Can I come up? O: What's da password?

D: How bout a smoochie? O: How about a smack in da puss?

D: Oh! I wuv dis toy! O: Hey! I was gonna play wif that.

D: Mom likes me better than you. O: Brace yourself, I'm gonna smack ya!
If you have any suggestions for introducing a kitten to older, established cats like mine, I would appreciate hearing them.


  1. Oh how precious the baby is. Oh my goodness. What a precious sight. I don't blame you for not wanting the little one to get too many lessons taught by the grown-ups and certainly the danger. I remember what it was like when we had a just weaned baby girl, our Robin who lived to be 16. She got into too many things and scared us to death.

    I know other kitty moms and dad's will help you straightaway. I have only had one at a time.

  2. I love the name Robin. It's my maiden name (Robinson) and my niece's name. Dori is Fearless! She is also rather clumsy so she falls a lot. I'm worried about her getting caught up under a La-Z-Boy sofa where the leg kicks out. I'm worried about her falling, knocking stuff over and getting hurt. I don't recall Opie being so uncoordinated. But...Dori is her own purrrson!

  3. What sweeties! Our Mom kept us insolated for a couple of weeks and boy, was there a lot of interest at the door waiting for us to come out. One day, she brought us out and watched us for what seemed like forever around our older brothers. Sure, there was hissing and some smacky paws but only because we were so curious! Now, we all enjoy each other's company for the most part. It just takes time. Oh, and removing anything that will break if it gets knocked down, because take it from us, even though we won't mean to, we probably would break it. Purrs...

  4. I have always adopted two together (always rescues) and when one passes I have left the other as an only cat as I worried that bringing a kitten in could upset the older one. Then when the time comes again I adopt 2 more. The last two were from a hoarding situation of over 100 cats living in one house - they were rescued by the RSPCA and I heard about them and went to see them and chose 2 at random. They are very happy with their indoor/outdoor life but are always kept inside at dusk.
    We hope to visit you again.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. I might add that the rear view of the baby is beyond adorable. That little body, his still my heart.

    Love that caption "what's the password?"

    1. I just saw this... sorry I've been OVERWHELMED by my cats lately. Love that you think the rear view of the baby is adorable. Yep. She has a cute lil tussy!

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  7. Cute blog I love it! Your cats are gorgeous!