March 4, 2013

Just Another Manic Monday

This morning I made Ray tuna salad for lunch.
I saved the tuna juice to mix with the cat kibble for their dinner.
I put the juice in a bowl and covered it with foil.
That was at 7am.
At 6pm I was hungry. Ray has month end closing and won't be home till late.
I wondered... What is in that foil-covered bowl?
Did I mention I'm A.D.D. with a memory of a goldfish?
I jerked that foil-covered bowl out of the fridge...
and wondered...
What is that water slopping all over my hand....
onto the floor....
onto my SPERRY'S!!!!
Dori the kitten loves to lie on my Sperry's.
Even though I washed the tuna juice off them, 
something tells me now she's really gonna love my shoes!


  1. Anonymous6:43 PM Try that. It'll take the smell out of anything. I'll be carrying this product once I have warehouse space.

  2. ohhhh yesssss you may as well GIVE them to her lol

  3. I have been there and done such a thing.