April 2, 2013

Design Flaw? Pump on Vaseline Hand Lotion

Pictures always tell the real story.

When I couldn't pump any more product from this container of Vaseline Total Moisture hand lotion, I wrenched the top off. Wrench is a good word. Clearly the top isn't meant to twist off.

Then I pounded the container against a glass to empty out the remaining product. Look how much hand lotion was still inside even though I couldn't pump it out.

Hmmm. Design flaw? I wonder how many consumers toss it when it no longer pumps the lotion, figuring it to be empty?

I see this as a subtle way of Big Biz hoping Average Josephine won't bother doing what I did -- pound out the remaining product -- but instead buy a replacement.

Think about this next time something appears to be empty.


  1. Wow! So much left and what a waste to pitch it. Those tops are so difficult to get off, I've had to resort to cutting the whole top off to get the last drops.

  2. yup its the scheme to make buy more!

  3. I'm sure it's planned that way on purpose. I've decided to stop buying the pump lotion and just go with the pour from the bottle kind.

  4. Nissy here... Shampoo and conditioner bottles have the same design flaw. The peeps have to rinse 'em out before they got into recycling and you should SEE the antics and contortions they do tryin' to get those caps off. Actually... you really should see 'em. Funny as all get out. I should sell tickets! purrs

  5. Yup. I turn the bottle upside down to drain all of the product to the top! And I keep it upside down until tthe product is all gone. But that looks awkward where they stand. However getting what I paid for is more important than appearances. My facial cleanser is the same. No pump, no, but I have to turn it upside down to get the last ounce and that is a LOT of facial cleansing as you only use a dab each time..

  6. Ditto here. I do this with all lotions, shampoos, conditioners & hand sanitizers. Always get quite a good amount out after the pump has stopped working. Worth the few minutes of work to get that much more product!