April 22, 2013

Motivation or... Ohhh! Now I Get It

My hubby has been complaining about his sore back. So for his birthday I bought him a back stretcher.

His birthday is in March, but I gave him the gift on Valentine's Day with the idea being, by the time his birthday arrived, my true gift to him would be No Back Pain!

No where on the box did it say ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.

When it comes to assembling things, motivation isn't one of our strong points . We have artwork purchased on vacations from ten years ago that are still without frames.

The box ended up in the kitchen closet until the end of March... at which time the unassembled back stretcher ended up in the living room, right smack in front of the TV.

I felt sure, looking at it night after night, we would find
We did not.

I pulled the odds and ends out of the box, left them scattered on the floor, and tossed the box.

Instead, Dori played with her toys on top of the pieces.

Gidget lounged on the seat.

"Someone" put tooth marks in the plastic.

This morning after Ray vacuumed around it... I decided that perhaps instead of leaving it in front of the TV, I should maybe...I don't know...lay it on top of our bed.

Just to see if                                                                                                       
would strike.
As I reached down to pick up the pieces, it hit me!

Not MOTIVATION, but... Understanding.

My back actually
and I felt better.

A-Ha from the 80s

Motivation comes in all shapes and sizes.

Exercise = Fit Body.
Elbow Grease = Clean Home.
Butt in Chair = Published Novel.

So, what motivates you?

Is it Achievement of Job Well Done?
Lure of Success?
Expensive chocolate or a super sized bag of Cheetos?

Please share your secrets with me. And thanks for being MOTIVATED to stop by!


  1. I love that story and it happens all too frequently in this house., I'm suffering from chronic back pain and there is nothing to be done with it. I'd recommend getting a good back xRay or MRI, then go from there. If there isn't anything phyically wrong, just working out every day - maybe a health club or check with the doctor that does the X-Ray. Physical Therapy helps at times too. Good luck!

    1. Oh, I've done that dance. 2 MRIs, umpteen chiropractors, X-Rays, PTs... I had a back injury from a fall when I was about 9, and because I now write full time, and I sit... it creates lower back disc issues. Last night we finally put the machine together! Success! Now all we have to do is... use it.

  2. Speedy is my motivation,xx Speedy's mum

  3. Great blog, Kim! Really made me think, at least as much as possble (look at that pretty bird outside, what's Moo doing). I tried to figure out what motivates me & ta-da, I still don't know.

    1. I've begun to use photo incentives to motivate me. Will see if they work. By the way... Oh look! A kitty!

  4. And the kitty didn't even helped?!

    1. My cats are really good at hindering, not helping.