December 3, 2013

The Psychology of Raising African Violets

Once Upon A Time... I had huge success with at least twelve African violets blooming non-stop.

I had them arranged on an oval glass and iron table in the center of my office, and they loved it there.

Then... I rearranged my office. I had to. My feng shui guru, Deborah Courville, told me to. She said my chi was a mess...and so was my office.

The violets had to be scattered to other places...and they punished me by refusing to bloom.

I watered them with fertilizer--always at the base, never on the leaves because I knew they hated that.

I kept my office at a nice temperature so they would be comfortable. I never put them in direct sunlight -- always diffused.

I removed old leaves so new ones could flourish. I whispered how much I loved them. I even sang to them...

Well. Maybe it was the singing that made them cranky. Because they refused to bloom all summer long.

Finally, I said enough! I stopped hovering, stopped watering...stopped singing.

I grabbed a bunch of them and put them in my punishment!

I left three in my office because there was no more room in my bedroom.

Yesterday I noticed my office violets looked rather wilted. I decided to put off watering another day, just to make sure they knew I meant business. And look what happened!

One of the violets caved!

It bloomed for me! I'm so happy, I gave it extra water.

And then I sang to it...shortly before one of the leaves fell off.


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