December 3, 2013

Wreaths: Love It or Loathe It

I love the cranberry wreath on the left. Just looking at it makes my urinary tract feel healthy.

Let's do a quick off-topic infomercial on the benefits of drinking cranberry juice.
Click photo
Okay. Now let's discuss the ugly ol' wreath on the right. To looks like the person who made it had a bunch of stuff left over from making wreaths all day and decided to glue the leftovers into place. Ribbons. Pinecones. Frosted fake fruit... the works. I think of these type of wreaths as Kitchen Sink Wreaths. Everything goes on it including the....

What are your favorite types of wreaths for the holidays?


  1. yes the one on the right has to much going on...less is more!xx Rachel

  2. Oh my yes - my track feels better too - LOL

  3. I really like evergreen wreaths but only if they're done well. Perhaps the inclusion of some nip would be nice...


  4. My favorite are things like the one on the left with natural items on it. Love the red one.