May 25, 2011

Stormy Days and Crazy Cats always get me down...

Buddy keeps an eye on the storm
 Spring in the Mid-South brings rain and strong winds and humidity, all of which leads to tornadoes. The sound of warning sirens gives me instant stress.

Back in 2009 I was pulling into my garage with a baggie of fish for my aquarium when the sirens went off. I thought I handled the situation well. I gathered my six or seven cats (I never know how many I actually have) and put them in the kitchen walk in closet inside cages. I gathered up beloved possessions and then, exhausted, grabbed myself a glass of tea before deciding to join them.

I recall turning around from the refrigerator to see tree tops covering my back door. Tree tops? A huge tree had fallen and taken out my yard and half my roof. I commend myself for being the ultimate in calm. I picked up my cell phone and dialed a tree service that I had used in the past. I figured the storm was bad enough that they would be very busy in the coming days. I needed first dibs on them. And they came, bless them. That day. The tree covered half my driveway and made a huge mess of everything but thankfully no one was hurt.

My first thought is always for my cats. Outdoor ones come first. Tonight I grabbed father and daughter, Jesse and Gidget and put them in my laundry room. I have two beds, a litter box, a lamp, food and water waiting for them. I spray Feliway to keep them calm but they're both pretty chill cats to begin with.

Then I set up Chauncie and Jack in my fenced yard. Chauncie is neurotic so she cannot come inside. Jack keeps her company under the chaise longue pushed against the house with a second chaise on its side butted against it. They seem fine about the arrangement and they are protected from weather.

My indoor cats are another story altogether. They. Are. NUTS.  If I have to grab them to put in the cages, I have to walk around like nothing is going on and catnab them one at a time, starting with the most hysterical (Barney, Opie) and ending with the least punchy (Herm, Nick, Buddy). If I make a sudden move and there is any sound of commotion, a feline warning siren goes off, alerting them Mom is going berzerk and to take cover. I have back problems. I cannot move as fast as I used to. So I try to be as calm as possible to avoid personal pain.

I am not an alarmist but I take these storms seriously. Unlike my husband who walks around munching Cheetos, poo-pooing that anything will happen. Tonight he thought he'd mow the lawn before the rain started. The storm is moving at 50mph and is sitting on the other side of the Mississippi river and he thinks he has time to mow. He drives me NUTS!  More than my cats, and that is saying a lot, my friend.

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