July 30, 2011

Jack's Rabbit

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Jack Sparrow, the Bunny Hunter
Jack went hunting this afternoon and brought home his trophy. A baby rabbit! Ohhh yeah!

I'm writing at the kitchen table during this hot summer to avoid paying a Big Gulp-of-an electric bill. Thank goodness I saw the blur running around my yard. I went out to find Jack with the rabbit in his mouth. And it was alive. Jack is Peaches' son, and while tame he isn't touchy-feely with me, so I knew he'd bolt over the fence if I moved to grab him. Instead, I stood over him, hands on hips, and told him "NO!" It worked. He dropped it, and it zipped under the sweet potato vines. Jack went after it. Nick went after it. I went after it, all for different reasons. I'm sure we made quite a sight, the four of us running in circles around my tiny fenced yard with me shouting, "NO!"

Meanwhile, Chauncie did cartwheels on the sidelines like a cheerleader. I'm pretty sure she wasn't rooting for me.
Go ahead and laugh, but Nick still has
 what it takes

Eventually I told Jack to leave. That's when Nicholas executed a flying tackle. And caught the rabbit. I have to admit, for a 14 year old cat, he impressed me. But only for a second.  He stood with his mouthful of baby bunny, his eyes glittering as though he had surprised himself. I let him have his moment of glory. He's been with me long enough to know all I'd let him keep was the memory. I said drop it, and he did.

I think by now the rabbit understood if it moved, it was dead meat--literally. I was able to sweep it up and hold it. It could feel its heart pounding against my fingers. Poor baby! Such tiny ears! I stood there with visions of pet bunny dancing in my head. I've never held a rabbit, so of course I thought about keeping it. I'd want to adopt a wolverine if it let me hold it.

I took it inside, away from the cats. I felt it relax after a few minutes and it actually looked up at me. This was a new experience for both of us, holding and being held.  Finally, I put it in a cat carrier with a carrot, still kinda sorta thinking...maybe.... Too bad we had sold that fish aquarium. What kind of bedding would it need? Would I have to get it shots? What kind of food? Carrots of course, but what else? If it got out of its cage, there would be total mayhem with six cats in the house. Thank god we sold that old guinea pig cage at the last yard sale, otherwise...

Then I saw it gnawing, not the carrot, but the cage bars. It had teeth! Visions of Bunnicula!

 Yeah, it had to go. So, before I change my mind, I walked the carrier to my neighbor's property along the woods, tipped it and the bunny fell out. It was missing fur in the spot where it had been mauled, but otherwise appeared unhurt. And off it hopped.

Sigh! That was a close call!


  1. Whew, thank goodness you came running to the rescue oh knightess in shining armor. What a cute bunny tail:)err tale.

  2. I will have to write the tale (tail) of Opie the Frog-gy Hun-ta...I always hear Ozzy singing the theme to Dog The Bounty Hunter when I do the chasing around the yard thing with Opie to take away his toad.