November 21, 2011

Do Your Own Thing by Janice Robinson

I was working late one night and as dusk fell, I could hear this bird still singing outside my window. I went outside for a smoke and he was louder than ever and the only one singing. I peeked around the corner to see if I could find him. Right under our business sign I saw a bird sitting on one of the solar lights that the owner put out that was to help light up our sign.

This solar light has never worked right because the solar part is perfectly aimed at a street light. So it still thinks the sun is out and remains dark. Well this little fella landed on it and when he moved his tail over the solar part, the light went on!! He was thrilled!!! He sang and sang and danced around, turning the light on and off. All the other little birdies were snuggled in their nests, but this one thought he controlled the sun.  He remained there for quite some time. I'm sure he comes back every night to play with the "Sun".

As I told this story to my sisters I mentioned it sounded like a fable. Well, the only moral of the story I can think of is don't let anyone tell you you can't do something. This bird controlled his own fun, despite the other birds probably telling him he was crazy, he marched to the tune of a different drum. It made him happy and I love to see animals happy. I'm blessed to have witnessed it.

So often we put our head down, work, work, work. We forget to stop and enjoy these simple things in life. Pass the joy you witness onto others, it may be the only bright spot in their day. And maybe, hopefully, when they see things throughout the day that make them smile, they will do the same.

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