March 9, 2012

Why do we love our animals?

Molly and Fraidy Cat
by Julie Van Nieulande

Why do you think it is that we all love animals so much?

 I would like to think it’s because we have kind and compassionate hearts and realize that our pets are helpless to survive without us. That really is the truth.

 When I look right into the eyes of Fraidy Cat or Molly I SEE affection. They need me. They like being near me, snuggle with me, and draw me into their world! In turn they give me a sense of well being.

 I really enjoy watching them and petting them. Fraidy cat ALWAYS drops to the ground and rolls and the stretches her front paws out to reach for me. It’s so adorable! Whenever I sit down on the couch, Molly ALWAYS comes and lies right in my hip. She will sometimes even crawl on my lap! I love this stuff! So I know that is why it is so devastating for us to lose one of them. We come to need them as much as they need us.

I really believe God chose each one of us to take care of the pets that we have because he knows we were/are the best ones to do it. Did God send Mama Cat with her 3 kittens to my home 15 years ago? Yes. I know He did. They needed help and rescuing and we were the best available family to help with that. We all have earned crowns in heaven for the love and care we have bestowed on our pets throughout the years. Let’s keep doing it!


  1. I agree with Julie. When God looks down and sees an animal in need of help, he looks around to see who is closest and guides the animal to that person's home.
    My meowmy tries to save as many as she can and forgets she can't save them all.

  2. I have always loved animals when my mother found me following the dog to the barn when I was 2 years old. It has never stopped. They give you unconditional love in return for good care and love to them.