April 26, 2013

Grateful for Paper Toweling

Do you embrace your inner Eeyore by starting your day with a cloud over your head, woefully pessimistic about what is in store for you?

Or are you a Tigger type and happily bounce out of bed, determined to celebrate the day and all its glorious surprises?

I'm a Tigger at heart, at least when it comes to being optimistic. And yes, that also makes me a Morning Person, although not quite the caliber of my sis, Carolyn, who is a

I keep a journal by my bedside for the specific purpose of recording 5 positive things I am grateful for, or happy about, each day.

I try to maintain a positive outlook no matter what drama or chaos surrounds me. For a time I had people in my life who habitually drained me with their negativity and anger. When I left their company I felt like kicking one of my cats, which is so not like me. Then I realized that I didn't have to let them control our conversations. I learned to combat the sour emotions they caused me by literally volleying each negative remark with a positive. Unfortunately it didn't change them, but when I realized they weren't getting satisfaction from my end of the conversation, it changed me.

By keeping a journal of what you are happy about, or grateful for, I believe you attract those types of vibrations into your life. When you read what you have recorded in the past, you refresh your memory, and unconsciously emphasize your positive attitude.

Of course, I have days when Life unravels around me and the Universe seems determined to kick me while I'm down. And yes, sometimes I do give Eeyore control over my mood. But I usually snap out of it when I remember how good I feel when I annoy people with my Little Merry Sunshine impersonation.

Recently I had one of Those Days when my precious 22-year-old tabby, Buddy, had uncontrollable bowel issues. Relax! I'm won't share the gory details.

That night I wrote in my journal:

Other things I've been grateful for or happy about...

  • Kroger putting more Gluten-Free products on their shelves & making them affordable.
  • PetCo brand cat litter -- scoopable, and 99.8% dust free.
  • Febreeze! This was included on the day Bud had his pudding issues.
  • My computer guru Scott Merrill installing Free Internet virus protection on my PC
  • Panera Bread opening a store by me. (Please bring back Morning Glory bagels!)

A few years ago my sister, Jewels, mentioned she had started a Gratitude Journal after watching Oprah. That's when I started my journal. After I wrote the above message, I Googled that show to include the link, and was happily surprised to see Michael Losier, featured in Oprah's The Power of Gratitude show, agrees with my theory that positive, happy people have a vibration that attracts other positive, happy people.

Putting a positive spin on your life isn't hard to do once you make it a conscious priority. For every negativity that tries to take you down, see if you can spin it into a positive. Such as...

Negative: The cat hurked a hairball on my fresh-washed kitchen floor.
Positive: At least it wasn't on my new carpet.

Negative: Why didn't they tell me they were Vegans when they accepted my dinner invitation?
Positive: I get to have roast beast leftovers. And I can share with Mrs. Lipsmacker who is going through a hard time.

If you feel like Eeyore is sitting on your back, and people in your life use you as a dumpster to unload their garbage, then maybe you will benefit from making a conscious change.

  • Decide you will be positive.
  • Decide you will be happy in spite of the Emotion Drainers you know.
  • Practice spinning every negativity into a positive.
  • Start a journal to specifically record what made you happy that day, or what you are grateful for.
  • Embrace the small joys in your life, even if its only paper toweling.

Oh! Here's one more reason to be positive. According to a study by the national German Socio-Economic Panel, pessimists live longer than optimists.

It's true! I read it on the Internet!


  1. there is alway a silver lining to every cloud and when Speedy is around he's my pot og gold at the end of the rainbow!

  2. I LOVE this post! It really inspired me to start keeping a positivity journal beginning today. I don't know if it's ADHD or just procrastination that's kept me from it so for. So congratulations, my dear friend, you have been successful in motivating at least one person today! Love ya! Kiss Herm for me!