February 1, 2013

Ninja Kittens, Tornados & Unexpected House Guests

I'm FRUSTRATED!!! <--- notice extra exclamation points. This means I'm serious.
This past Tuesday night I had 16 cats inside my house. SIXTEEN! But I'm getting ahead of my story.
Adult Male #1 -- handsome panfur mancat
On Monday I hauled Stray #1 - Male - back to vet. He'd been sneezing with runny eyes which equaled a respiratory infection. Also -- worms. Pretty sure, why not, the kittens do. I also took in the sweetie pie female tabby so my vet could see her. She's 3 months old, 3 lbs, and guess what? Besides worms...she has ear mites. And so did Stray 1. Ack!
I had to buy dewormer for Mom cat and the Ninja kittens plus ear mite liquid.
So after dinner I begged Ray to help me deworm the Ninjas. It’s a topical like Advantage only with a special ingredient (like platinum) to make it super pricey. Whatever! I dewormed Mom Cat and did her ears, bless her she's so nice.
The Ninjas... I had Ray on the ready outside the bathroom door with ear stuff and deworm stuff. I went in carrying a towel and managed to get hold of Feisty aka Mister Congeniality. Compared to the two black kittens, Feisty is a piece of cake. Ray came in, making rude comments about how the bathroom stinks (like I couldn't tell -- rolling eyes here) and he applied the stuff to Feisty and left. I released Feisty, then tried to grab a black kitten. I get one wrapped up like a burrito but apparently my burrito wrapping sucks because he wiggled loose, screaming like a girl at a Bieber concert. I didn't let go, but was way too wary of those back claws. I'm already sporting a lovely gouge in my left palm. Long story short -- didn't happen. Didn’t happen with the other black kitten either who has defied my every attempt to make friends.
Ninja Kittens 5, Kim 0.

Ninja Kittens
 While this is all going on...I found out we had tornadoes in the area. We had a spring like day in the 70s, so of course! Now you may know how freaked I get about those damn things. Freaked! I found my outside tabby Chauncie's tent shaking and the poor girl was huddled on top of her cat tree. I put her in the laundry room to enjoy the peace and quiet. I checked on Yum and Jesse. Their tent wasn't so wild--at the time. But awhile later I checked the weather and saw we were going to have winds 25-35 mph all night long. And from past experience I knew that rear porch tent would come apart in winds like that. I went out to check and sure enough, the anchor board that is nailed into the porch roof had shifted. I called Ray who moved a table to brace it since it’s anchored at the top but we have no way of anchoring the rest of it. There is a drain pipe and the brick wall.
Chauncie Marie
 Anyway, I decided to bring Yum and Jesse inside. But what to do with Chauncie? With Cat Apt #2 booked with Strays 1 & 2 & Adorapurr kitten, and downstairs guest bath booked with Ninjas... I moved Chauncie into my office. She used to be feral and it took me 4 years to convince her I was a good guy, but as of last summer she not only rolls for me to rub her belly, but lets me pick her up. Apparently I give great back rubs too. So I spent some time with her in my office. She explored, and then settled under my desk on her bed that I brought from her tent. I gave her treats (shhhh, don't tell Herman, they were his) and left her with a lamp on. 
Then I grabbed Jesse and put him in the laundry room. He was thrilled. THRILLED. I gave him a bed and food and water. Then I went to grab Yum. She was huddled inside her cat tree with the blanket thrown over it. It was way too warm for a blanket or a heat lamp, but she was scared. And I left her because Yum in her former feral state terrorized two vet clinics. If she says No, I respect her. But, over the past year we have come to have a good relationship, so when I went back out 20 minutes later, she was camped on top of the tree, and I swept her off. She clung to me while I reassured her and carried her through the house to put her in with Jesse, who was slightly less thrilled because he likes to have the room to himself. I showed Yum the food and water, and Jesse, the angel he is, licked her to assure her he was happy to see her.
I then lit one of my Advent candles and said a prayer for no tornadoes to come anywhere near my town. And it worked. I was able to sleep without fear. Yay!
However ... I forgot to provide litter boxes for my guests and Jesse kinda used one of the beds as a toilet. And getting Yum back outside the next morning required shifting the dryer where she was crammed behind and bribing her with tuna.
So, there you have it: Sixteen cats. My usual 7: Buddy, Herman, Barney, Opie, Peaches, Jack and Gidget. Plus Strays 1, 2 and Adorapurr kitten in Cat Apt# 2. Three Ninjas in downstairs bathroom. Chauncie in my office. Jesse and YumYum in laundry room. Sixteen.
I need a serious break from cats. Or my head examined.

Probably both.


  1. Sixteen? That's a lot of kitties. Don't worry Herman's mom... I won't tell Herman 'bout the treats. What he doesn't know, won't hurt him. purrs

  2. Good gravy! you make my brood of 4 (3 w/medical problems) and me look like rank amateurs LOL
    God has blessed you with a giving heart my friend, keep up the good works... although I think you deserve a Spa Day!
    from Kim (Henry's Ma)