February 11, 2013

Wonderpurr Cats Looking for Forever Homes

The Stray Cat Family is now seeking adoption. Please take a moment and read their bios. If you know of someone who is in desperate need of a wonderpurr cat, please call the number at the end of this post and reference Susan Huff and Kim Kozlowski.
Nikolas Ridikolas
“I don’t want to be your whole life, just your favorite part.”
Day job: Purrfessional belly rub receiver.
Dream job: Loves mewic. Can hit tenor high C and plans to win AmeriCat Idol.
Purrsonality: Natural comedicat known for random acts of silliness. Embraces his inner goofball and completely dorks out for no reason.
Caregiver Notes: This is a fun cat with lots of personality. Impressive that after a year as a stray he invites belly rubs and greets me at the door with dog-like excitement, however he has no experience with dogs. Nik is a good father to his 4 kittens with AdoraBelle.

“We can’t all be princesses. Someone has to clap when I go by.”
Day job: Devoted Meowmy of 4 - AdoraPurr, Addie Pray, Kepurr and Kopea
Dream job: Pampurr’d Princess and Full Time Lap Cat
Purrsonality: Grace Kelly regal with a touch of Beyonce cool.
Caregiver Notes: Her approachable friendliness and devotion to her first litter brought her to my attention. Belle is sweet, though reserved due to hard start in life. She puts her family first, allowing them to eat before her. She enjoys cuddles and sweet nothings whispered in her ears. Sincere appreciation for how wonderpurr she is will make a huge impact on her. She needs a home where she never has to worry or be afraid ever again. Has no experience with dogs.

“If I was your kitten I’d never let you go. You’ll never be alone. EVER!”
Day job: Manning phones for Itty Bitty Adopt a Kitty Committee
Dream job: Designer for Pampurr’d Princess fashions
Purrsonality: Wonderpurr from ears to tail. Easy going, sweet and unafraid.
Caregiver Notes: Someone forgot to tell “Dori” never-handled, stray kittens are supposed to come with a little wildness. She loves to be cuddled, sits sweetly in laps and is trying so hard to be purrfect in order to find a Forever Home. We assured her she has nothing to worry about.

Addie Pray
“If it’s only a Paper Moon, does that mean I can shred it?”
Day job: Toilet paper destroyer
Dream job: Actually, destroying toilet paper is my dream job. Yay!
Purrsonality: All bark and no bite--or scratch. Enjoys ear rubs and back rubs.
Caregiver Notes: Named for Tatum O’Neil’s character in Paper Moon, Addie’s purrpetual squinty glare disappears when she’s being handled. After spending her first 3 months as outside stray Addie needs reassurance no harm will come to her, but as days go by she displays a stronger trust that her life is changing for the better.

“When you get to know me, every day is Black Cat Appreciation Day.”
Day job: Testing cat toys to determine worthiness for his attention.
Dream job: His natural curiosity would make him a fabulous Investigative Repurrtor for LOL Cats mewsletter.
Purrsonality: Calm, sweet-natured. Enjoys back rubs while eating.
Caregiver Notes: Initial fear of being handled has evaporated and he loves back rubs. He takes after his father, Nikolas Ridikolas, with a zeal for fun. Has loud purr! Kepurr is definitely a keeper.

“Basement Cat jokes make me worry no one will love me for the wonderpurr kitteh I am.”
Day job: Exploring caves, showing fur-sibs he’s not afraid of the dark.
Dream job: Climbing mountains, proving to himself he is worthy of a Forever Home.
Purrsonality: Curious, but reserved. Possibly subjected to cruel Basement Cat jokes during his formative weeks. Idolizes his father, Nikolas Ridikolas, and copies him thus his name, Kopea.
Caregiver Notes: Kopea is on his way to becoming a pawsome housecat. His life as a stray kitten left him skeptical that humans won’t scare him, but he shows signs of wanting more from life than watching his fur-sibs interact with me. He clearly adores his father, Nikolas, and mimics his movements, even to the point of joining him in the litter box! Kopea would be ideal in a home with happy Cat Whisperer-type people willing to prove to him he has nothing to fear and was born to be loved.

To inquire about adopting any of these wonderpurr cats, please contact
DeSoto Animal Rescue Society
Horn Lake, Mississippi
(662) 342-9448
Reference Susan Huff and Kim Kozlowski

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  1. Oh man, if your post doesn't find them a home, nothing will. The write up for each one is fantastic and the picture are also.