March 12, 2013

Humans Should Have Tiara Tuesday Too!

Herman aka @TattleCat on Twitter has such a nice life. I envy him.

Every Tuesday is #TiaraTuesday to support @NewtTheCat and his liver shunt awareness program. Please click on Newt's Twitter name to visit his site.

Wouldn't it be fun if we "hooman's" wore tiara's every Tuesday? To work? Grocery shopping? Banking? I would love to walk into a bank and see everyone decked out in tiaras. Or maybe at a Fortune 50 board meeting? CEO on down...all decked out in tiaras.

Makes me smile!

for Jennifer & Nerissa


  1. Hey there Herman's mom! It's me... Nissy. How 'bout a tiara for The Coop? purrs

  2. Love the idea!,, I will find one. My cat Katie Isabella already has one.

  3. OMC you are too silly!!!! Donald Trump in a tiara? Priceless!!

  4. Here you go Jennifer & Nerissa! Coop in a tiara.

  5. Mary here - great idea. We do deserve one too.